We help businesses use the internet to maximize profitability.

Limelight Department is Oregon’s top digital agency. We specialize in tracking consumer data to drive the most successful advertising campaigns possible. Combining proven strategies with eye-catching graphic design gives our clients the brand appeal and marketing effectiveness that get results.

Our expertise in marketing and advertising allow you to break away from your competitors and effectively target and brand your audience. With proper website development, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, print media design, copy writing, advertising planning and purchasing, you will see your business grow through an ever expanding flow of targeted, ready-to-buy traffic.

Limelight Department’s record of success is built on our team of marketing specialists, graphic designers and web developers with the skills to surpass any challenge. Our staff are current members of respected marketing and development groups including the American Marketing Association and the Microsoft Developers Network. We have won countless top honors including the Golden Web Award and American Association of Webmasters Gold Award.

As a representative of our local business community we are proud members of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce and various local networking groups. We strive to have a paperless office and are working to have a zero carbon footprint.

Our Team

Shaylor Murray


Staff photo of Shaylor Murray

Shaylor Murray founded Limelight Department in 2006 and brought the business headquarters from Bend to Eugene in 2008. Prior to that, Shaylor had worked in a promotional capacity for Portland based music production companies; in technical capacity for AT+T, DirecTV, and Hewlett-Packard; and as Marketing Director for several Central Oregon based businesses. With a strong technical background in computer networking, programming, promotions, and marketing, Shaylor brings success to Limelight and its clients by providing a custom and unique approach to each project. Shaylor and the Limelight Team have defined and refined universal marketing principles and a proven, quantifiable approach to on and off-line marketing. He thanks the U.S. military for instilling an unrelenting work ethic, and his daughter, for inspiring him to achieve greatness personally and professionally.

Zack Poelwijk

Sr. Marketing Consultant

Staff photo of Zack Poelwijk

Zack Poelwijk has been with Limelight Department since June 2009, and became Director of Client Services in February 2010. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in music. Motivated by helping his clients achieve success, Zack has a strong, honest, and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. Zack’s passion since joining the company continues to elevate Limelight Department into the premier solution provider for businesses. Zack’s keys to success are to ‘Practice to perform,’ and to treat everyone with equal amounts of respect. Outside of work, Zack is an accomplished pianist who has played twice at the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, and was the pianist for the University of Oregon Gospel Music Program from 2006 to 2010. Zack is also a mentor with Committed Partners for Youth and would love to share his stories of the joy of mentoring with you. Look for Zack at Duck football games and Blazer games!

Kayla Ackerman

Marketing Consultant

Staff photo of Kayla Ackerman

Originally from Southern Oregon, Kayla received her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, where she led campaigns and projects for various student organizations on campus. Her strong sense of teamwork and work ethic comes from her time with the Oregon Marching Band, where she was a member and section leader for four years. Kayla’s passion for advertising combined with her management skills gives her the ability to effectively work with her clients and help them achieve their business goals. During her free time, Kayla enjoys outdoor activities where she can explore her beautiful home state of Oregon, often taking weekend trips for hiking, camping, and snowboarding with her boyfriend and family. Kayla also appreciates artistic expression and shows off her own creative flare through her photography work. 

Don Greep

Project Manager

Staff photo of Don Greep

Don moved to Oregon about 8 years ago from smalltownsville, AZ and fell in love with the pacific northwest. Whether it be camping, hiking, or just trying the new bistro down the street, Don likes to try new things. He enjoys constantly improve himself through dedication, hard work and outside-the-box thinking. Whether it’s building a robot, taking on a level 15 frost troll with his fellow adventurers on the weekend, or trying that new Thai recipe he saw online, Don is ready for the challenge.

Aloma Loren

Market Research Specialist

Staff photo of Aloma Loren

Driven by her love of learning, Aloma enjoys her work as our Market Research Specialist. Aloma has a unique background with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a focus on media, journalism and communications which helps her get in the mind of target demographics. She works in her own time as founder of a nonprofit working with homeless and low-income families. Aloma loves volunteering her time to serve the local community.

Radley Sustaire

Lead Developer

Staff photo of Radley Sustaire

Radley the programming ninja began kicking ass in High School. He picked up freelancing projects for small businesses across the US. Fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Radley rocks at streamling code and developing apps from the ground up. He enjoys working with third party API’s such as MailChimp, PayPal, Authorize.net and WooCommerce. With strong self-motivation and serious tact, Radley improves his ninja skills with every project.

Michael Erickson

Lead Graphic Designer

Staff photo of Michael Erickson

Michael karate chops projects into submission with his leet skills. He’s know around town for murals and painted logos; he enjoys creating form and function when drawing on brick, paper and pixels. Self motivated and eager for experience, he gains inspiration from culture and nature.

Steve Ference

Content Strategist Extraordinaire

Staff photo of Steve Ference

When he isn’t devouring graphic novels and books about food and wine, Steve writes flowing copy for websites. He fuels up on strong coffee, crafty beers, and heaping helpings from local food trucks. He honed the skills of his craft with academic research writing, moved to travel and food blogging, and found his home in copywriting. Like the noble Great White Shark, Steve never stops moving and enjoys backpacking, world travel, and trail running.

Ted Brown

Lead Mobile App & Game Designer

Staff photo of Ted Brown

Ted Brown is a veteran game designer and programmer who has published titles on consoles, computers, and mobile devices. Best known for his work on the Tony Hawk and Tomb Raider franchises, he is now trying to push boundaries in the educational and indie gaming markets.

Jay Jones

Video Producer

Staff photo of Jay Jones

Jay Jones is a filmmaker, and founder of SQUIDDL. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, but raised in Eugene, Oregon, he attended Willamette University and the University of Oregon before working for broadcast and media companies in Eugene. In 2006, he went back to school, completing the Film Production program at Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, B.C. Upon returning to Eugene, he worked for advertising agencies and production companies until the founding of his own production company in 2013. He has worked with the University of Oregon Athletic Department, Oregon IMG Sports, University of Oregon Office of Strategic Communications, Oregon Bach Festival, TrackTown USA, Slocum Center for Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, and the City of Eugene. Jay lives in Eugene with his wife, Alisa, and their two boys, CJ and Cooper.

Jonathan Kingsford

IT Manager

Staff photo of Jonathan Kingsford

Jonathan started working as a technical guru at a young age, working on PCs, servers and other technology related projects in his teens.  His skills blossomed at the University of Oregon, working as an IT and student at several departments, including the Clark Honors College.   This provided him with real-world experience and lead to professional positions at Linn County ITS and Symantec.  His skills in Windows, Linux, Virtualization and other technologies was catapulted with this work experience and provides him a unique skillset for business development and consulting.   He’s always ready to learn and provide his expertise to clients.