We help businesses use the internet to maximize profitability.

As Oregon’s top digital agency, we’re known for building custom websites and designing online advertising campaigns. Marketing is at the center of our work, and we’ve been helping businesses use the internet to maximize profitability for more than ten years.

Our superior customer service and dedication to delivering excellent work has resulted in over 100 happy local and national clients. Our clients have told us that they’re impressed with our work and that we’ve helped them grow. We’re pretty proud of that.

Our Marketing Consultants are professionally trained with degrees in Advertising and our Project Manager brings two decades of promotional experience to the table. The entire Limelight team shares a passion for business, innovation and creative expression.

Giving our clients a premium service is our top priority. We think that when we’ve finished your website, it should be yours to keep and use as you wish. That’s why we use open source technology and never wrap you up in proprietary code or tricky contracts.

Our Team

Shaylor Murray


Staff photo of Shaylor Murray

Professional Business Coach and Entrepreneur, Shaylor Murray, has bootstrapped several multi-million dollar businesses and founded Oregon’s largest coworking space and business incubator. Building his first eCommerce website in 1998, and continuing a career as Marketing Director for several Oregon business, he brings over 18 years of internet experience to the table. Shaylor and the Limelight team have defined and refined universal marketing principles and a proven, quantifiable approach to online marketing. He thanks the U.S. Army for instilling an unrelenting work ethic, and his children, for inspiring him to achieve greatness personally and professionally.

Zack Poelwijk

Sr. Marketing Consultant

Staff photo of Zack Poelwijk

Zack Poelwijk has been with Limelight Department since June 2009, and became Director of Client Services in February 2010. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in music. Motivated by helping his clients achieve success, Zack has a strong, honest, and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. Zack’s passion since joining the company continues to elevate Limelight Department into the premier solution provider for businesses. Zack’s keys to success are to ‘Practice to perform,’ and to treat everyone with equal amounts of respect. Outside of work, Zack is an accomplished pianist who plays with Grammy-winning trumpet player/ producer Thara Memory as well other national recording acts. Zack was the pianist for the University of Oregon Gospel Music Program from 2006 to 2010. Look for Zack at Duck football games and Blazer games!

David Garcia

Account Executive

Staff photo of David Garcia

David has been passionately involved in brand promotion for over 10 years. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or an individual seeking to advance their personal brand, Dave’s flame for making the world a better place is stoked by opportunity to bring out the beauty in people, places, and things around him. He also enjoys doing his most prized thing which is being a father to an ever growing seven year old prince. Also, you can find Dave laying down drum tracks, packing for an outdoor adventure, and laughing way too loud with friends.

Aloma Loren

Project Manager

Staff photo of Aloma Loren

Driven by her love of learning, Aloma enjoys her work as our Project Manager. Aloma has a unique background with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies with a focus on media, journalism and communications which helps her get in the mind of target demographics. She works in her own time as founder of a nonprofit working with homeless and low-income families. Aloma loves volunteering her time to serve the local community.

Philip Winter

Executive Assistant

Staff photo of Philip Winter

Born and raised in New Zealand, Philip has called Oregon his home for the last five years. An electrical engineer with far more interest in business than engineering, Philip thoroughly enjoys working with people on interesting and creative projects. He has strong problem solving and analytical skills, unusually paired with an extroverted and outgoing personality. Having worked in the power distribution industry in New Zealand, IT consulting in Germany and most recently the automotive industry in Portland, OR, Philip thrives on learning new skills and gaining new experiences. A self-confessed party priest, Philip likes to instigate fun social gatherings and ensures everyone has a good time. When not geeking out on business or robotics and gadgets, Philip likes to spend time with his wife and kids outdoors. His outdoor interests include snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, surfing, sailing and more.

Don Greep

Office Manager

Staff photo of Don Greep

Don moved to Oregon about 8 years ago from smalltownsville, AZ and fell in love with the pacific northwest. Whether it be camping, hiking, or just trying the new bistro down the street, Don likes to try new things. He enjoys constantly improve himself through dedication, hard work and outside-the-box thinking. Whether it’s building a robot, taking on a level 15 frost troll with his fellow adventurers on the weekend, or trying that new Thai recipe he saw online, Don is ready for the challenge.

Steve Ference

Content Strategist

Staff photo of Steve Ference

Born and raised on the East Coast, Steve earned a degree in Sociology from Maryville College in Tennessee and a Master’s degree in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After teaching 7th grade Social Studies for five years, Steve began to write professionally. His scholarly research and writing for industry publications like the New Jersey School Leader eventually led to more consistent work for travel websites and blogs. He moved to Eugene in 2014 in pursuit of more adventure and writing opportunities. A true creative innovator, Steve’s travel photography, craft beer blog, social media management, and personal illustrations have gained national attention. At Limelight Department, Steve helps businesses define clear goals, then designs content strategies to help them build revenue and growth.

Tyson Sterling

User Interface Designer

Staff photo of Tyson Sterling

Born and raised in Eugene, Tyson ventured north to Portland, where he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Portland. You could say he is a jack-of-all-trades in the creative industry, having worked with a wide range of clientele on a variety of projects. From sports marketing and apparel lines to interactive/web design, he’s done it all. In his free time, Tyson enjoys hanging with his wolf pack, a good IPA, being outdoors, getting in touch with his artistic side and the occasional round of golf. Go Ducks!

Michael Erickson


Staff photo of Michael Erickson

Michael karate chops projects into submission with his leet skills. He’s know around town for murals and painted logos; he enjoys creating form and function when drawing on brick, paper and pixels. Self motivated and eager for experience, he gains inspiration from culture and nature.

Radley Sustaire

Lead Developer

Staff photo of Radley Sustaire

Radley the programming ninja began kicking ass in High School. He picked up freelancing projects for small businesses across the US. Fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Radley rocks at streamling code and developing apps from the ground up. He enjoys working with third party API’s such as MailChimp, PayPal, Authorize.net and WooCommerce. With strong self-motivation and serious tact, Radley improves his ninja skills with every project.

Rosie Leung

Web Developer

Staff photo of Rosie Leung

In her past life, Rosie was a third-year PhD student in applied mathematics at the University of Washington. Then she remembered how much more fun debugging PHP and Javascript is than proving theorems and writing a thesis. After a six-week bicycle tour from Vancouver to San Diego, she showed up in Eugene to start afresh. When not building websites professionally, she enjoys building websites as a volunteer for local nonprofits, studying Finnish grammar, cycling up hills, and not proving theorems. As a native of Corvallis and OSU grad, Rosie is not quite the Ducks’ biggest fan, but is proud to call Eugene home.

Scott Lott

Wordpress/PHP Developer

Staff photo of Scott Lott

Scott originally grew up in Florida and is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan.  Since moving to Oregon he’s had trouble finding anyplace but McDonald’s that sells sweet iced tea and not just iced tea with a stack of sugar packets that will ultimately form a mound of sugar on the bottom of his glass.  He learned programming at a young age and has taken apart way too many things that were actually working fine just to understand how they were built.  He’s a whiz in PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML and even C++ but refuses to learn Python even though everyone else is doing it.  When he’s not working on websites he’s building R/C parkjets and flying them way too close to the ground.

Rudolf Korv

Video Producer

Staff photo of Rudolf Korv

Originally from sunny Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Rudolf moved his clan to the beautiful Northwest in late 2013, where he will never be the same again. Rudolf has been designing for print, web and video professionally for over a decade. Rudy built his digital media specialization through consulting and preparing media materials/campaigns for non-profit organizations. Rudolf has worked to design content for multi sized businesses, churches/non-profits and city governments. Rudolf is a dad of 3 littles ones and has been in happily married to his smoking hot wife Jaccalyn since 2001. Rudolf is also a co-minister at his local church “The Beautiful Mess”. Rudolf is heavily involved in his community and you can occasionally see him showcased in local music venues as a singer songwriter. He has found a home working with Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon and Limelight Department both holding their headquarters in Eugene, Oregon.