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Eugene Limo


  • What work was completed?Logo design, website design, website development, photography, copywriting, social media setup and management, advertising campaign management, marketing and brand management.
  • What were the objectives?One objective was to convey the elegance and class of the service as well as reach a new audience of customers who might have preconceived notions about limousine rental. Design of the site was established to position the brand and build value in the service. The design engages people who are planning specific events and promotes additional ways to use their services, such as baby ride home from the hospital, wine tours and Quinceañera parties.
  • What was the outcome?The site is visually appealing and elegant, utilizing stunning custom photography at a popular nearby winery destination. A highly visual design promotes attention to detail and speaks to the elegance of Eugene Limo’s service and fleet, and to some features of their service that set them apart. The site conveys the sense of arriving at a special event in style, and provides ideas on the front page for other uses of the service that may not previously have been considered.
  • What does the client think?“I’ve had a very good experience dealing with Limelight Department. They are informative with all issues and walked me through step by step to understand how my marketing campaign works and what I should do to keep up with my competition. They worked hard to promote my website. They’re even available at any time in which I may call. I recommend them highly.” – Abed Succar