Gorilla Capital wanted a website that would increase their web presence and feature a custom real estate listings application for their customers. The website we created gives potential customers a positive first impression and demonstrates the company’s innovative nature. We improved the customer’s online research experience and streamlined the sales process for Gorilla Capital’s team.

Website Design & Development

We gave the Gorilla Capital website a design that was both elegant and easy to use. Equipped with a mobile-friendly design, Gorilla Capital’s customers can view all listings regardless of the device they’re using.

For customers looking to buy, the custom property locator offers price filtering ability and a Google Maps integration. Customers have the ability to conduct an advanced search, filtering properties by seven different indicators in order to find the perfect match.

We even added a special touch to enhance the client’s brand appeal. The colored icons differentiate between Gorilla Capital and joint venture properties, while the map’s colors are in line with their brand identity.

Client Testimonial

"We need the information on our website to be easily accessible to our web traffic and potential customers, regardless of if they are at a desk or on a mobile device. And a positive mobile-website experience is absolutely necessary, especially if that is the site-visitor’s first or second impression of Gorilla Capital. As an innovative real estate company, a mobile-optimized website is an extension of that innovation."

Ally Leavitt
Gorilla Capital