Where Are Your Customers on the Buyer’s Journey?

In a perfect world, every visitor that comes to your website or your social media pages already knows about your brand, knows what service or product they want from you, and is ready to push the “buy” button.

That’s not the reality though, is it? Unless you’re an expert, advertising online can often mean spending money to reach people who aren’t interested in your brand and aren’t likely to buy from you. That means you’ve spent money you won’t get a return on.

Some potential customers have never heard of you. Some have heard of you but aren’t yet ready to buy. Some potential customers are ready to buy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could advertise and direct your efforts to the people who are far enough along in their journey to be ready to buy from you? That’s what a sales funnel is all about.

Limelight Department offers a service that breaks down the buyer’s journey into stages. Once you’re armed with this knowledge you are able to meet your prospect where they are and give them the right message at the right time. No more advertising to a cold audience or to an audience that isn’t interested.

Not only do we examine your target customer, but we also look closely at how the customers arrive on your site and how they move through your site. Most sites need some modifications in the form of calls to action and navigation and messaging in order to make the most of the site visitors that are arriving on the site. Once those adjustments are made, you can see a quadrupling of return on your investment.

All of the decision-making is designed to create an easy path to convert your prospect into a buyer. Once they reach your site and interact with your products in some way, for instance by accessing some initial free or low-cost content, clearly, they’re interested. That’s the time to convince them that your brand is trustworthy and that your product or service is right fit for their needs. How do you do that? With messaging that demonstrates that you have received reviews, awards, testimonials or some other kind of social proof, and that you have a risk-free offer they shouldn’t refuse.

Limelight Department can help you craft this no-resistance path for your customers and wow your potential customers with the right message while you have their attention. Meet your customers where they are, and guide them down the marketing funnel.

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