Testimonial by: Rosemary Crites, Cache-Cachet

I am the owner/developer of Cache-Cachet; a luxury closet storage and travel bag company with retail distribution through Saks Fifth Avenue and The Four Seasons.

I approached Limelight Department in 2015. At that time I had a website that didn’t work and was not representative of the high-end luxury product that we sell. With Zack’s direction Limelight Department redesigned my website and we started a campaign promoting my brand on Facebook. Prior to Limelight’s support, my brand’s page had 67 likes. Those 67 likes took a year to collect through my previous social media strategist. In just 45 days since promoting my brand with Limelight Department, we have over 2,200 genuine followers (and counting!).

I have been somewhat difficult to work with due to my lack of understanding of the whole social media process. During our process I have constantly questioned and pushed Zack. He always showed patience and kept the process moving. Now along with the very successful Facebook campaign, Cache-Cachet has an excellent revitalized website which targets our customer segment. We will add further marketing campaigns to make Cache-Cachet a financially successful company. I will add that Zack always listened to me in a professional manner and made sure that what I envisioned for my company was implemented.