Oregon Concealed Training

We are always excited to work with businesses that promote safety and education. Oregon Concealed Training is dedicated to increasing responsible handgun use, so they needed a website that was modern and easy to use. They wanted to streamline customer service, making watching videos and course registration a smooth process for their visitors.

In addition to web design and development, they wanted us to create a marketing campaign that used social media and powerful images of the Pacific Northwest to reach out to their target audience. Gun owners respect brands with a history of service and experience, so we helped Oregon Concealed Training portray a trustworthy brand.

The website we designed is bold and attractive. It gives visitors a strong first impression and clearly outlines the training process. Sales conversions were the focus of our design, using marketing messages and a smooth e-commerce platform to seamlessly move customers to a final sale.

We created and managed an expansive marketing campaign for them, which included facebook promotions, photography, and logo design. The videos and images we created give Oregon Concealed Training a trustworthy and professional feel.