We help businesses use the internet to maximize profitability.

As Oregon’s top digital agency, we’re known for building custom websites and designing online advertising campaigns. Marketing is at the center of our work, and we’ve been helping businesses use the internet to maximize profitability for more than ten years.

Our superior customer service and dedication to delivering excellent work has resulted in over 100 happy local and national clients. Our clients have told us that they’re impressed with our work and that we’ve helped them grow. We’re pretty proud of that.

Our Marketing Consultants are professionally trained with degrees in Advertising and our Project Manager brings two decades of promotional experience to the table. The entire Limelight team shares a passion for business, innovation and creative expression.

Giving our clients a premium service is our top priority. We think that when we’ve finished your website, it should be yours to keep and use as you wish. That’s why we use open source technology and never wrap you up in proprietary code or tricky contracts.

Our Team

Shaylor Murray

Team Leader

Staff photo of Shaylor Murray

Professional Business Coach and Entrepreneur Shaylor Murray, has bootstrapped several multi-million dollar businesses and founded Oregon’s largest locally owned coworking space and business incubator. Building his first ecommerce website in 1998 and continuing a career as Marketing Director for several Oregon business, he brings over 18 years of internet experience to the table. After 11 years as Managing Director of the digital agency, Limelight Department, Shaylor and the Limelight team have defined and refined universal marketing principles and a proven, quantifiable approach to online marketing. He thanks the U.S. Army for instilling an unrelenting work ethic, his wife and children, for inspiring him to achieve greatness personally and professionally.

Zack Poelwijk

Sr. Marketing Consultant

Staff photo of Zack Poelwijk

Zack has been with Limelight Department since June 2009, and became a partner in 2013. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. Motivated by helping his clients achieve success, Zack has a strong, honest and nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic. Since joining Limelight, Zack has executed over 125 client projects and marketing initiatives, bringing a deep level of wisdom and experience that exceeds that of most of his peers in the industry. An expert communicator, clients repeatedly tout Zack’s world-class customer service and ability to listen to their needs as key reasons for hiring Limelight Department. Outside of Limelight Dept, Zack is an accomplished pianist and organist, performing with multiple Grammy-winning artists and is a mainstay in Portland’s music community. Zack and his wife, Claire, love the outdoors, Portland’s food scene, and rooting on their Ducks and Blazers.