4 Ways Dentists Can Get More Patients From Their Website

Dentists are some of the service providers who really benefit from having a lead-generating website. It’s crucial for service providers such as realtors, doctors, plumbers and other similar occupations to have an easy-to-find, user-friendly website that drives traffic to perform the actions that begin to create relationships. Some basic and not-so-basic considerations on a website can lead to success.

After all, where do your potential patients hang out? When they’re not at work or school, there’s a good bet that they’re online. No matter where you are or the age range of the patients you’re looking for, they’re online. Adults are online, and parents of children who would be looking for pediatric dentistry are online. Set up your website for its maximum potential to get new leads for your dental practice.

Optimize your website for mobile
Millions of people use smartphones as their primary means of accessing the internet now. Even if they have a computer at home or work, their phone is always in their pocket when they’re on the go.

After a large update in 2015 (which some people not-so-affectionately refer to as “mobilegeddon”) Google no longer ranks websites that are not mobile-friendly on its search results. If your site is not mobile ready, it won’t show on top pages of searches on the millions of smartphones and tablets in use.

When you’re considering mobile site configuration, you have the choice between responsive, dynamic serving, or separate site configuration. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Google prefers responsive design, and we can help you get that set up.

Have clickable phone numbers
A lot of businesses put their phone numbers on their website, but it is not clickable. Allowing for clickable phone numbers is a detail that is often overlooked when building a website. Since more and more people are accessing websites on their phones, having phone numbers that open to the phone for easy calling allows mobile users to tap and call you without having to write down the number. If they can’t easily call you, they might leave your page and go to the next dentist that they can easily call.

Lead form on website
Potential patients are more likely to find your practice through a search engine than through advertising, coupons, and Yellow Pages listings combined.

A strong online lead generation strategy for dentists ensures your practice has a steady flow of new patients, so you can continue to grow. Effective lead generation online starts with being visible online, and then making the process to get in touch with you easy, useful and informative.

A lead generation form on your website allows you to collect names and emails as well as provide some useful information to the people who are considering your practice. A lead generation form works well when you can exchange someone’s email address for something valuable that they want, such as a discount on a service, or useful information (“Top10 reasons Kids Love Invisalign”).

Advertise on PPC and social media
Hands down the most effective way to make it to the top of online results is through paying for advertisements and sponsored content. And yet, effective PPC and advertising marketing takes knowledge. Advertising to a cold audience or to the wrong audience is expensive. This is a great area in which to seek help. Limelight Department has years of experience in audience identification and targeting.

Create a sales funnel
The Internet today is highly competitive, and the costs for online ads are rising. Work smarter. Convert more visitors into customers and pay less by using a sales funnel that’s tailored to your audience. A sales funnel is a way to understand your potential customers, connect with them, and give them the knowledge and familiarity to be ready to accept you as their dentist.

There is a huge pool of potential customers who need dental services who don’t know who to turn to. By the time you set up a sales funnel and put it into practice, those potential customers will have enough awareness of your business and a trust with your practice to seek your practice out by name.

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