Announcing Limelight Themes 2.0 – Sales Funnel Focused Websites

Yes, the last few weeks of the year and the first few weeks of the New Year (Hey there, taxes!) are busy for any business. But here at Limelight Department we’ve been busy not only working on tasks for clients but working on a major new service we’re offering.

In April 2018, we’ll be unveiling a new website for our new service, Limelight Themes. These will be sales funnel-focused websites built specifically with YOUR sales goal in mind. Do you have a dog-walking business? Well, you need a totally different sales funnel map than you would if you were a dentist or a hypnotherapist. You also need totally different sales funnel maps depending on what your goal is as a dentist . . .  are you wanting to entice new patients with an affordable checkup and cleaning package? Or are you wanting to bring in patients who used to visit you but have moved on to a different practice?

That’s the art and science of sales funnels. The key is to have a specific goal, and combine that with a website that is structured to move people to accomplish that goal. Our new service will make it easy to do just that, with sales-funnel focused websites built with a variety of specific occupations and goals in mind. From a digital agency with 10 years of custom WordPress development under its belt.

Stay tuned! When the new site is live we’ll announce it here, followed by more information about the pricing of the sales funnel service and how to request it.

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