How to Find (and Keep) Quality Customers

There is one statistic that will make you change the way you think about your customers: Loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers (Inc.). Is your marketing strategy focused on gaining quality customers loyal to your business?

If it’s just focused on gaining any kind of customers, you’re missing out. The process of acquiring new customers requires both effort and great cost. Here are some strategies for focusing your efforts on retaining those loyal customers that every business needs.

Decide what a “quality customer” means to you. Your first step should be to sit down and really decide what a quality customer means to your business. Think about a current customer that you really value. What do they do that makes them so valuable to your business? Jot down the demographic information and a few things about this target customer that can help you appeal to them.

Once you have a set type of customer you want to acquire, it’s time to start aiming your ad budget and resources at that type of customer. Create and aim advertising that caters to her needs. The next time she’s in, take some time to find out what she needs to be successful and how your business can help her move forward.

Remember, quality may mean different things to different businesses, but what counts in the end is loyalty. When customers return they expect to be rewarded with not only the same great service they experienced the first time, but rewards for their loyalty.

They want to be where everybody knows their name. When a business knows their customers, they are better able to serve them. Providing extras in exchange for loyalty is common practice now in a world of high competition. Airline miles, punch cards, discounts on gear, and membership cards all reward loyalty.

Provide lifestyles and solutions, not product descriptions. Businesses that recognize and share the power of their products will gain loyal customers. People want products that will help them live the life that they want, or at least make them feel like they’re getting there.

A business that offers solutions to problems has a much better chance of succeeding than one that merely sells products or services. What’s the difference, you ask? One is in the business of helping people live a better life. The other is in the business of selling things for money. Once a customers feels helped and cared for, they’ll be back again and again.

Nike knows what its customers want. They want to live an active lifestyle and still stay stylish. Nike’s customers believe there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to do a workout outside because you’re wet and freezing cold. Their campaign to promote their Hyperwarm gear offers a solution. The gear is fashionable, stays warm and dry in winter weather, and helps athletes reach their training goals. Nike realizes that selling a solution to the problem of training in freezing weather is a much better strategy than selling rubber, plastic, and nylon.

It’s time to start ramping up your business with loyal customers that make repeated purchases and spread the word about your quality service. Focus your efforts on them, not on bargain shoppers looking for a quick deal. Analyze your marketing strategy to focus on retaining quality customers and you’ll reap the benefits.

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