New Year, New Dreams

We know that our clients have big plans for growth for the coming year. And you’re not the only ones! Limelight Department has plans to grow and provide better services as well.

We’ve created some new sites that will be launching soon, and we’re excited to show you those as soon as they go live. We’ve also been making small changes to our website over the past few months. These changes are designed to improve the user experience on our own site as well as make our products and services more clear. There are a couple of key services that we offer–Sales Funnel Optimization and Custom Web Application Spec’ing and Building–that aren’t publicized well on our site, so those pages will be revamped soon.

The change of a new year is a prime time to take stock of how the previous year went and make plans for the coming year. If you’re tired of struggling with not reaching the right customers, there would be some fundamental changes that we can help you make to your website that would reduce the friction. The Sales Funnel Optimization plan is all about identifying how people find your site, what they see when they get there, and clearly creating a path to lead them to the actions you want them to take. We have had great success in building sales optimization funnels for some of our clients. We can help you too!

We have build many custom web applications for our clients over the years–we’ve created dozens of custom applications and functions ranging from custom software for webcams to seamless custom MLS integration. We’ve often found over the years that our clients had ideas for custom functionality that would have helped them run their business more smoothly, but they didn’t say anything because they didn’t know how to go about bringing it to life. That’s what our custom spec does!

We take a thorough look at what you want to achieve and we put together a report on how that would look in real life, from the time involved, the cost, to the full functionality and how it would work. The great thing about both of these services is that once you pay for the report, you own it, and you’re free to take it to another agency if you like, or implement the suggestions yourself. If you do decide to execute the plan for either of these important services with Limelight Department, the price of the reports comes off the top of your project fee.

Look for a new and improved Limelight Department website in the coming weeks of the new year. What are your goals? We know you have dreams, and we want to help you achieve them.


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