Linn County Parks & Recreation

The parks in Linn County are some of the most beautiful and well-maintained in the state of Oregon. Each year, thousands of visitors explore the museums, campgrounds, historic sites, and water attractions that make up Linn County Parks.

We created a website that gives visitors to Linn County a comprehensive resource for recreation and nature activities of all kinds.

Custom Web Design

Linn County Parks & Recreation wanted a website that helped visitors find the exact park and amenities they were looking for in a easy-to-use online resource. ¬†With a long list of features like waterfalls, fishing areas, hiking trails, and covered bridges, we built an organized website that’s user-friendly and a joy to explore.

Located in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, Linn County offers incredible landscapes and fun activities for the family. We gave the website a welcoming feel and design with engaging fonts, soft colors, and large photos.

We made curious visitors our top priority in our development plan. Users can quickly search through a list of 30 parks based on amenity, body of water, or location. We integrated Google Maps into the application so users can easily access directions and explore surrounding areas.


Website Apps

The Find a Park application we built for Linn County Parks & Recreation helps visitors sort though 30 parks and recreational areas to find the features and maps they need to have a great visit.

We added features like full Google Maps integration for easy directions and planning, amenities listings for a full list of what visitors can expect, and a description of each area to give users the information they need.

The smooth functionality of the application is the best you’ll see anywhere, and demonstrates Linn County’s devotion to satisfaction and service.