American Concealed came to us with the ambitious idea to do more than just sell a product. They want to sell a way of life. They’re Online Handgun Safety Training Video is already a popular product in the firearms industry, but they wanted us to help bring their website and content into people’s lives in a way that none of their competition was even considering.


We used the power of content, both written and visual, to build a social media audience over 200,000 strong in under a year, and an email list that topped 40,ooo subscribers. We did it with powerful promotions, strong copywriting and blog content, and a website built to handle the endless traffic of thousands of daily readers.

Registering your business and filing corporate documents should be easy. Our design gives visitors to the website an experience that’s easy to understand and free of visual clutter. The colors, images, and simple design help to guide CorpFile’s customers to get started quickly.

We went out of our way to make the process simple. We included plenty of space for clear descriptions and definitions of every step of the process.

We also made it easy for customers to find, manage, and submit several dozen combinations of products in one simple form. The design demonstrates CorpFile’s expertise and quality by offering applicable terms and requirements to help visitors feel comfortable.

Our team created a custom content management system so that CorpFile employees could easily edit their eCommerce content. Prices change from state to state, making dynamic pricing a necessity. We customized the website to allow the CorpFile to manually edit the variety of charges for registration and renewal.

Building a mobile-responsive eCommerce solution for registering a business and filing documents is an impressive accomplishment. Taking the required documents and fees from across the country and putting them into one simple, accessible format takes experience and skill.

The eCommerce platform allows customers registering an S Corp, C Corp, nonprofit, LLC, or sole proprietorship to quickly navigate menus and options to find service options that are right for their specific needs.

It was important that visitors to CorpFile’s website feel that they were using a trustworthy brand that could demonstrate expertise and success. We used clear copywriting throughout the website, taking time to explain the steps and products in a way that was quick to read and easy to understand.

For example, in the How it Works section, we outlined the steps required so that visitors could understand and plan their own registration process without needing any prior knowledge.

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