Frequent Flyer Academy helps its customers earn more miles and find airline ticket discounts. They wanted to attract new customers with a stylish website that met the increasing demand for their expertise. They were also eager to build a modern brand with a logo and advertising campaign that demonstrated their commitment to customer service.

The website we created for them is built around the educational content that online visitors are looking for. The style connects the logo, type, and colors that customers have come to know and trust.

We helped streamline the e-commerce experience for Frequent Flyer Academy’s customers with clear copywriting and a website designed to move customers from research to purchase.

Their brand is now easily recognized as a result of the facebook profile and advertising campaign we managed. Frequent Flyer Academy staff can now manage their website and attract both new and returning customers looking for an edge in earning airline miles.


“Limelight does great work. They continue to bring creativity and energy to my project, and are constantly suggesting new ideas to help me succeed. Quality web developers and e-marketers are hard to find, but these guys are the real deal.”

Ryan Lile
Frequent Flyer Academy

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