Gorilla Capital wanted a website that would increase their web presence and feature a custom real estate listings application for their customers. The website we created gives potential customers a positive first impression and demonstrates the company’s innovative nature. We improved the customer’s online research experience and streamlined the sales process for Gorilla Capital’s team.

We gave the Gorilla Capital website a design that was both elegant and easy to use. Equipped with a mobile-friendly design, Gorilla Capital’s customers can view all listings regardless of the device they’re using.

For customers looking to buy, the custom property locator offers price filtering ability and a Google Maps integration. Customers have the ability to conduct an advanced search, filtering properties by seven different indicators in order to find the perfect match.

We even added a special touch to enhance the client’s brand appeal. The colored icons differentiate between Gorilla Capital and joint venture properties, while the map’s colors are in line with their brand identity.


“We first began our relationship with Limelight in 2010 when they won the bid to redesign our website, and that relationship has grown over the last 5 years to where they now also manage our digital marketing efforts in addition to website development and hosting. We’ve always appreciated their availability and eagerness to fully understand our business and goals with our online presence. It’s been great to watch them grow their own skills and services over the course of our business relationship, and their track record of successful digital marketing campaigns leaves us optimistic we won’t be disappointed in the program they have created for us.”

Ally Leavitt
Gorilla Capital

Gorilla Capital wanted to enable their potential clients with tools to facilitate their search for the right property. We developed two applications that helped users find exactly what they were looking for.

The Fix & Flip calculator is an interactive tool that helps users estimate potential profits from Gorilla Capital’s Fix & Flip Program. It’s interactive, mobile-friendly, and incredibly easy to use.

We gave their website visitors even more power by creating a custom property listing application which allows people to search properties using Google API integration.

Both applications give Gorilla Capital the ability to help their customers and demonstrate their expertise in the industry.

When Gorilla Capital came to us, one of their main goals was to expand their influence. The advertising campaign we created and managed for them was expansive, distributing content across multiple channels for maximum coverage.

They wanted to draw more attention to their Fix & Flip Program and acquire more leads for potential projects. We coordinated custom content that explained and promoted the program, then distributed it widely using a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign.

Using their website, social media, and Google PPC ads, we managed a dynamic campaign that brought more visitors to their resources and expanded their reach in the industry on a local and national level.

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a website is through social media posting. We created custom content that promoted Gorilla Capital’s Fix and Flip Program and then distributed it using their facebook page. This helped to bring more attention to the program by exposing the content to a large network of interested readers.

By promoting their program on social media, Gorilla Capital was able to tap into an audience that was not only interested in what they had to offer, but also excited to share the resource with their network of friends.

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