Located in Philadelphia, PA, The Holy Family Roman Catholic Parish is a historic building that features stunning, late-1800’s architecture. The parish boasts grand, intricate stained glass windows and a large, antique pipe organ from the early 1900s, both of which highlight the church’s serene beauty. 

The Holy Family Parish wanted a new website that checked multiple boxes: it needed to be inviting and community-oriented in order to welcome and support all visitors and patrons, and it needed to be informational in order to give visitors and patrons regular news updates and information about the variety of services the church offers. Most importantly, their new website needed to be accessible: the parish needed a website that was easy-to-navigate and compatible with today’s variety of technology — specifically, mobile phones and tablets. 

The Limelight team built and designed a website that reflects the welcoming, informational design and layout the parish envisioned, and then tailored it for seamless functionality on all types of devices. 

Our custom web design for the Holy Family Parish was inspired by other stunning Catholic and Protestant churches across the United States. We incorporated beautiful photography of the Holy Family Parish interior — including the variety of stained glass windows — to give their new website a refined and historical beauty that will enhance every user’s experience. We also hyper-focused on the mobile/tablet user’s experience and tailored the website to provide appropriately sized content on various screen sizes, ensuring automatic compatibility and a seamless experience. We built and powered the new Holy Family Parish website with our own Limelight Theme for WordPress integrated with Elementor, giving our client 100% control over all of the creative content.

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