Infinity Images has quickly grown into one of the country’s premier printing, design, and 3-d engineering agencies. They’re using the most advanced technology in the industry to create immersive experiences for retail outlets and the world’s best-know brands.

We created a website that matches the high technical standards and passion of the Infinity Images team.

Infinity Images wanted a website that showcased their ability to create advanced work that meets the needs of the world’s biggest brands. Online visitors are met with bright, colorful images and modern design that demonstrate their technical expertise.

In order to impress clients, Infinity Images needed plenty of space dedicated to showing off their impressive projects and engineering skill. Pages that focus specifically on their capabilities and process help show potential clients the size and expertise of the Infinity Images team.

We wanted to go the extra mile to give visitors a truly immersive online experience. We went to their design, engineering, and packaging facilities to capture their work in real time.

The videos add an engaging element to the pages and meet Infinity Images’ focus on the human element of their business.

Infinity Images wanted a website that showcased their technical and creative abilities. They also wanted to convey their passion for building client relationships and working with a team of inspired artists.

We know the value of real, composed, professional photography. Our photographer arrived at Infinity Images’ facilities with fresh ideas and a keen eye for detail. When you view the photography we used on the website, it’s obvious that their staff are passionate about creating amazing work.

With clients and staff always on the go, it was important that their website have a mobile responsive design. Every element of the website adapts to screens of any size, giving potential clients on mobile devices an engaging and informational experience.

When you serve some of the world’s biggest names in retail, you must also have a solid brand yourself. Infinity Images came to us looking for a bold vision statement and mission statement that let the world know they had arrived, and planned to stay.

We conducted extensive interviews with the leadership at Infinity Images to get the passions and capabilities straight from the source. We created branding statements for them that encompassed their broad knowledge and unique ability to work closely with every client, then put them front and center on their new website.


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