We were excited to work with NEDCO, a respected nonprofit community development organization. They offer a wide array of services that help strengthen neighborhoods and businesses succeed. We created a brilliant website that organized all of their vital services and made navigation effortless.

One of our top design priorities was to showcase the various educational programs and community activities offered by NEDCO. Visitors to the website can quickly navigate through the options and easily find the desired services. Visitors accessing the website on a mobile device won’t miss out on the content either, our responsive design adapts to any device.


“NEDCO had a unique timeline for our project and the Limelight team met our needs head on. Besides great customer service and timely responses, they provided solid WordPress development expertise and created custom plug-ins for our specific needs.”

Sarah Puleo

NEDCO offers classes on topics ranging from home ownership to starting a small business. The e-Commerce platform we designed for them helps customers to easily register and pay for classes in just minutes.

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