Pacific Women’s Center is one of our longest-tenured clients — Limelight Department has completed two full site designs for them throughout our time together. It’s always rewarding to work with clients fully devoted to the health and well-being of their customers. Pacific Women’s Center recognized the growing importance of the internet in health research, so they wanted to build their online presence with a modern website. We know the value of quality health information and respected their dedication to customer satisfaction. The new website we created is all about empowerment, and demonstrates the knowledge and experience of the staff at Pacific Women’s Center while also attracting new visitors with engaging content.

Trust and experience are two of the most important attributes people look for in a health center. We designed Pacific Women’s Center’s website to both answer health-related questions and bring them new customers. We made it easy to see pictures and biographies of the physicians and staff to improve the experience for new patients. The drop down menus allow visitors to easily find resources they need. Patients who find the website from a smartphone or tablet won’t miss out on vital resources either; the pages and images all adapt to screens of all sizes. We also built an easy-to-deploy Alert Bar, which anchors itself to the top of the website. Pacific Women’s Center uses this alert bar to make urgent announcements for things like weather closures or COVID-19 policies. 

We created and managed an online advertising campaign that increased business for Pacific Women’s Center and brought more traffic to their website. A multifaceted pay-per-click ad campaign and facebook promotions targeted potential customers, while a remarketing campaign reached out to those who had already visited the website.

Online advertising campaigns are an effective strategy for increasing customers, and our campaign for Pacific Women’s Center did exactly that. They wanted to grow their practice with new patients and within 60 days of our campaign they experienced the difference. The campaign we designed not only brought in new patients, but it demonstrated sustainability over time.

The landing pages we created gave our advertising campaign the spark it needed to be truly effective. We paired our online advertising efforts with website content, seamlessly bringing potential customers to the Pacific Women’s Center website. These landing pages provided additional information and prompted visitors to take action, resulting in a smooth conversion process.

Pacific Women’s Center knew that social media would help them maintain a relationship with their patients and establish them in the community. It’s a powerful tool for connecting with customers, so we created a profile to post regular updates from the clinic, distribute health articles from their website, and interact with other local businesses.

Facebook is a useful tool for engaging with patients. We improved customer experience and help Pacific Women’s Center staff address customer service needs through social media engagement. Within weeks of setting up the social media profile, Pacific Women’s Center received more than 50 customer reviews and hundreds of followers.

When a client offers many different services, it’s vital that their website have clear descriptions and marketing messages that viewers can understand. Pacific Women’s Center offers a variety of women’s health services, from birthing classes to mammograms. Our content strategist created understandable descriptions of each service, as well as information on an array of women’s health conditions.

People frequently use the internet to research health concerns, and Pacific Women’s Center is now a dependable online resource. By featuring content landing pages on their website, Pacific Women’s Center goes an extra step to demonstrate their knowledge to online visitors. Visitors to the landing pages we created receive the information they searched for as well as a prompt to visit the office for more a more personalized consultation.

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