PakTech is an international leader in plastics recycling, specializing in re-using discarded plastic and manufacturing it into again-recyclable packaging handles for beverages, cleaning supplies, and more. They wanted to update their website platform to meet their design vision and give them greater content control; Limelight Department partnered with PakTech’s own design team to create a website that encapsulated their vision and gave them the management they needed. The new website features Google Maps integrations and custom-built Elementor page templates and widgets, giving PakTech staff complete creative control. 

PakTech’s new website was a very unique project — we did not do the design work ourselves. Instead, we worked with PakTech’s own design team and custom built a completely new version of their website that emphasized content control while incorporating modern design trends. We specifically built their website with the future in mind; their site is easily scalable for any future growth and expansion. The new PakTech site allows their team to manage all of their content internally without needing to rely on any technical coding or programming knowledge. Our custom web development, all powered by our own Limelight Theme for WordPress integrated with Elementor, features custom-built page templates and widgets to give the PakTech team full creative control over any content they post now or in the future. 


PakTech’s website features custom applications, including a built-in mapping and cataloging system using the Google Maps API that shows PakTech’s recycling stations and locations nationwide. The result is not only an easy-to-understand and informative tool, but also a clean and sleek design to compliment the website’s entire layout and flow. 

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