Pocket Deed is an online tool for real estate brokers and investors. They offer a safe and reliable online listing service that’s helping many in the real estate business see sizable profits.

They needed a website that demonstrated their expertise in the industry in a way that was easy to understand. We created a website that meets the high expectations of their customers in a smooth, modern design.

The design of the Pocket Deed website is anchored in simplicity. The graphics and menus are clean and easy to navigate. The colors are bright and appealing, keeping the visitor’s experience focused on editing or reviewing available listings.

Visitors are able to quickly understand how the website works and can navigate easily through the various services. Small illustrations and explanations smooth the experience for the first-time visitor, conveying professionalism and industry expertise.

We made sure that functionality was flawless for the brokers and investors that rely on Pocket Deed. They have the ability to add and edit property pages easily despite the many requirements that must be in place to ensure the listing’s quality.

With our design, users can submit properties and calculate costs in an interactive system that guides them through the process.

The Pocket Search application gives users that ability to find properties based on a number a search specifications. Choosing between residential and commercial properties, investors can search based on size, type, and location.

Brokers are able to easily add their listings, ensuring that only the most interested buyers will be reviewing the information. They can upload colorful images and list details to help guide the research process.

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