We were excited to work with Dark Horse Comics, an established and respected comics publisher. They were ready to promote a highly anticipated new comic, Fight Club 2. As the follow-up to Fight Club, a book with a massive cult following, the publication required a powerful online presence foundation to reach a worldwide audience.

Project Mayhem is the underground movement that promoted the new release, so our design incorporated all of the elements of a secret and rebellious group. We showcased fan artwork and writing, while also giving the page a professional edge. We knew that devoted comics readers expect a high level of quality and craftsmanship, so we focused on using color and gritty styling in our design.

Dark Horse came to us with a clear vision for the Project Mayhem website, but encouraged us to be creative with the design and implementation. Starting with a base idea of a painted map of the USA with distinct sections, we explored many different concepts in order to give the project a unique look and an immersive feel that matches the existing artwork.

Animations add a sensory element to the experience, giving readers a higher level of engagement. We placed shadows under each string and small details to the Polaroids and notes give the site a depth to the design that few dynamic websites can match.

One of the amazing aspects of this website is the way that visitors explore the contents. They never leave the homepage, but rather move between sections. This gives navigation a smooth feel and draws readers in to explore further. Each section gives the reader access to interviews with the author and opportunities to submit artwork. This design allows fans to feel included as well as streamline the promotion of the publication.

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