The authority on emergency preparedness and wilderness survival training, Shadow Fox has been one of our most exciting clients. They had a bold vision for a one-of-a-kind website that was modernized and stylish. They wanted the spotlight to be on the strong educational content. They wanted their writing and videos to demonstrate their expertise in the many skills required for emergency survival. Our team researched and planned a design that would attract new readers and be sustainable for their inevitable growth.

A website that features a large amount of educational content needs a design that balances style and substance. We gave the Shadow Fox website a sleek look that puts images with impact front and center. We created a custom content management system for their writers and video producers so they could easily add new educational content. The website we designed has a sleek functionality that sets it far apart from the competition.

This client came to us with big dreams, and they needed a website that could adapt to their business growth. Having e-Commerce capabilities was essential for Shadow Fox, since they wanted to start by selling small items and gradually move into larger services like books and training videos. Their product pages now handle global sales and their staff is able to track conversions and update their stock accordingly.

Shadow Fox wanted to increase their brand appeal and modern look with a logo that was both minimal and expressive. We researched related websites and current literature on the subject or wilderness survival to ensure that we created a logo design that was definitive and unique.

Shadow Fox wanted to go the extra mile to distribute their educational content on social media. A strong following on facebook requires regular posting, follower engagement, and expert use of promotions. We helped them reach their target audience and beyond with custom posts that were created to encourage engagement. The traffic we gathered with social media posts resulted in thousands of views for numerous Shadow Fox articles.

The team at Shadow Fox wanted to build a relationship with their readers that went beyond social media and the website. They had us design an email marketing campaign that kept their audience engaged and involved. We set up an RSS feed template for them and helped them gather email addresses to build the audience. Now, loyal readers don’t need to depend on social media for Shadow Fox content and the client has a large list of reliable email addresses to use for promotions and content distribution.

We helped Shadow Fox to expand their audience by adding regular content to their website. Our team of writers created about half of the written content on their website and added photography to enhance the impact of each article. A website stacked with easily searchable blog content attracts new visitors as well as returning customers who have come to rely on Shadow Fox for expert videos and guides.

We used a team of experienced copywriters to help get customers excited about what Shadow Fox has to offer. Their ongoing blog is filled with how-to articles and guides that attract curious readers, but our copywriters edited their headlines, product descriptions, and social media posts to get more out of every word. Great copywriting inspires readers to take action with accurate service descriptions and catchy headlines, and after our work Shadow Fox saw increased traffic and sales conversions.

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