Specht Properties has been one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier commercial real estate developers for more than two decades. They’ve managed or developed millions of square feet of commercial space, and continue to bring incredible value to their clients and shareholders.

We built and designed a website for them that reflects their accurate real estate knowledge and passion for customer service.

We gave Specht Properties a website that meets their clients’ high expectations for quality and professionalism. We made the online experience easy to navigate with clean drop-down menus and pages that are simple and informative. Bold colors and bright images greet every visitor and information is easily accessible.

The real estate industry moves fast and is very competitive, so we designed their website to convey their vast experience and promote their exceptional management and development services. Potential clients can find available properties and also learn about Specht’s various services with just one click.

For Specht Properties, the ability to provide clients with a user-friendly way to search through available properties is paramount. We created their property listing application to have multiple features that benefit both website visitors and Specht’s administrative staff.

One one side, potential customers can browse numerous available commercial properties with a fully customized search tool. They can use filters with drop-down menus to find the types, locations, and sizes that best suit their needs. We fully integrated Google Maps to give interested customers the ability to learn more right from the start.

On the other side, administrators from the Specht Properties team can use the application we built to add and edit properties with just a few clicks. We streamlined the process for their employees, allowing them to better use their time and resources and speed up the listing process.

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