Stoll Berne is a premier law firm that has successfully defended and negotiated against some of the nation’s largest and most powerful firms and corporations. They wanted a website that showcased their success with a sophisticated design and layout, and also informed users of their company values, areas of expertise, and information on various cases and blogs. 

We created a custom website that had a classy, modern, and artistic design with an emphasis on high quality photography. It highlights their courtroom success and streamlines access to all of Stoll Berne’s content, all while effectively leading users to their web page of choice that features powerful copywriting. 


Stoll Berne’s website features custom web design that conveys a high level of authority and trust, and also offers a classy, easy-to-navigate experience for users. The layout efficiently organizes various content and information available to users, allowing users to find the answers to any of their questions. All of the content on Stoll Berne’s website, and the website itself, is powered by our own Limelight Theme for WordPress, integrated with Elementor.  

We also custom-built multiple landing pages for Stoll Berne’s Real Estate and Class Action practice areas to bring in more high-quality leads.


Stoll Berne’s website publishes a considerable amount of content throughout the year. Limelight Department built a custom application that aggregates, organizes, and publishes categorized content throughout the site using a “publish once, display intelligently” system. Stoll Berne’s content team simply publishes site content and tags it to its category, including staff, news, case studies, or practice areas. Then, through an intelligent cross-tagging system, the content automatically appears throughout the website in its desired location. This increases Stoll Berne’s efficiency dramatically over their previous website. 


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