The Grotto is a National Catholic Shrine in Portland, Oregon. It’s peaceful gardens, winding pathways, and conference center welcome visitors from around the country.

The Grotto offers a wide variety of services, including the manicured gardens, religious artwork, spiritual services, and hosted events. They needed a website that brought all of those important services together in a way that’s both informative and appealing to the eye.

The website we created for them gives their visitors and supporters a smooth navigation experience with organized information, expert eCommerce and donation abilities, and bright photos.

The Grotto relies heavily upon gracious donations of time and money from their many supporters. We wanted to give potential visitors priority right off the bat, so we designed menus that are easy and informative.

The staff at The Grotto take serious pride in the calming and refreshing gardens. The flowers and plants are an attraction that brings guests back again and again. We used bold, colorful photographs and charming colors to give the site an artistic and sophisticated feel.

When we developed the site, we kept simplicity at the top of our priority list. Visitors are able to move easily within the website, finding the donation pages, garden descriptions, and conference center information without hassles or distractions.

The content management system we built for The Grotto makes adding and editing website content quick and easy. They can quickly update the items on their online gift shop, accept volunteer applications, and display complex event schedules in an easy to understand format.

The “What’s in Bloom” feature gives online visitors the ability to see what flowers and trees are in bloom during each month of the year. Staff from The Grotto can upload images from the gardens and tag them to be displayed for easy searches. When an curious visitor chooses a month, they’re shown the flowers in bloom and can hover over the image to learn more.

The online gift shop on The Grotto’s website offers visitors a flawless shopping experience. The prices are clearly marked, making it easy to add multiple items. Purchasing is a streamlined experience that conveys trust and expertise.

Visitors to The Grotto are eager to share their experience on social media. The manicured gardens, peaceful ponds, and gentle walkways are popular sights to share with friends and family. Our social media hashtag integration tool takes photos that contain a unique hashtag and displays them on the website in an engaging way.

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