Walker Orthodontics has an approach to business that starts with a single concept: compassion. They’re a company that prides themselves on affordable, high quality services for everyone in the family, and they needed a website that not only embodied compassion but also had a gorgeous layout and great functionality. This was especially important when it came to focusing on their primary desired conversion event — free consultations for new clients. We knew that feeling safe and being taken care of is an important part of any business in the health industry and understood that a welcoming, arms open approach to web content would help see their vision come to life. 

We built a website that prioritized their primary conversion event, had a sleek and gorgeous functionality and layout, and integrated seamlessly with their social media platforms and third party appointment scheduling software. 

We provided custom web design for the Walker Orthodontics website to create an appealing, warm, and friendly experience for all users. The layout has a flow that allows clients to find the answers to any of their questions, while consistently directing them toward a call to action. Our custom web development saw to a fluid and easy-to-understand functionality between pages, all powered by our own Limelight Theme for WordPress integrated with Elementor. We also implemented several landing pages for better leads, generating a higher rate of conversions specifically designed to focus on their biggest conversion priority: a free orthodontic consultation. 


Walker Orthodontics relies on Instagram heavily for social media interactions with clients, so we made sure that their website and all its content would integrate seamlessly with their account, improving clients’ experiences and interactions with the company. We also made sure to integrate the website with Walker Orthodontics’s 3rd-party scheduling software to minimize their scheduling workload and create a straightforward way to keep track of all appointments.


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