Announcing Three New Limelight Department Sites

We’re a website development agency! You probably already knew that, but we haven’t posted any new sites here in a while. Partly that’s because we’ve been writing about other things. Partly it’s because we just don’t think about it. Over the years we’ve launched so many sites. Launching sites is what we do, so sometimes we forget to take the time to celebrate those successes like we should.

Within the past three weeks we launched three sites,, and We’re proud of each of those sites, although they are all quite different from each other. is an engineering services company that specializes in the integration of motion control, machine vision, and robotic technologies. They needed a site that would show off these skills through seamless video and automation. Their site needed to match the high-level of skill they bring to their projects.

The website for Olympus Controls featured a fully custom WordPress theme design and build that was integrated with Limelight Department’s own Content Blocks page-builder plugin integration. We’ve written about how full-featured Content Blocks is and you can read that article here. Content Blocks is similar to the popular WordPress plugin Visual Composer except that it’s be design different. The user can still control many things, but not so many things that it can “break” your site like it can if you make a mistake with Visual Composer.

Olympus Controls now has video seamlessly integrated into the background of their site. They also have a custom designed and built “Automation Partner Toolbox,” showcasing categorized vendors. Take a look at also features a custom WordPress theme design and build with integration with Limelight Department’s Content Blocks page-builder plugin. Black Gold sells Bowsights, and they now have a seamless integration from their website to a sub-domain Shopify E-Commerce storefront. Word of mouth is a large part of this company’s business, so we made it easy for customers to tell them how much they love their purchases with a “Submit your testimonial” tool. It’s also easy for shoppers to find where to purchase products using the custom designed and built dealer locator. Check out these features at is a much simpler site by comparison but one that we are definitely proud of. Tony Biglan is a social scientist and book author who has taken the many disparate areas of research into such issues as child abuse, poverty, crime and terrorism and explained how the research can be understood as a whole. If we as a society were to integrate the seemingly disparate findings of these many areas of research, we’d be able to slowly work towards a more peaceful and fulfilled society. Check out his work at

So while we at Limelight Department may not toot our own horn all that often, we are always hard at work bringing good websites into existence, one at a time. Do you need one?

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