Now that you have a branding presence and you’re reaching your audience it’s important to track advertising dollars to maximize profitability. Best way to do this? Build as many advertising channels possible that can be tracked, analyzed and improved to show a quantifiable return on investment.

This type of advertising, never before possible in offline marketing allows us to test advertising headlines, promotion and copy and make improvements in real-time. What this really means to your bottom line is we have the potential to produce advertising that generates a higher return on investment than your current advertising.

Take Eugene Limo for example (a very happy client of ours). Each month they spend only $265 in advertising with us and they generate on average $4,560 gross sales from that advertising. We’ve increased the ROI to their business 15 fold by testing, analyzing and refining their branding, marketing and advertising (based on 2012 advertising data). Now obviously there is a point of diminished return for this client/market but we can find out where that is and let the client decide how much return versus reach, they’d like to see.

We can use the power of the Internet to refine your marketing to grow profits online and offline. Now that we know which messages drive the most interest and profits we can roll those into your existing marketing campaigns and boost your existing advertising profitability like never before.

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