Blue Ridge Lighting

As a manufacturer’s representative of high-grade lighting equipment, Blue Ridge Lighting wanted us to design a website for them that would give their business a stylish a modern image. After extensive research, we created a plan for designing something for them that was not only cutting-edge, but went the extra step to be visually charming.

Custom Web Design

When our team planned the design for this client’s website, we wanted to keep the professional nature of Blue Ridge Lighting’s business while also adding in an aesthetic touch to set their website apart from the competition. Our designer took inspiration from some of the web design trends in Europe to give it a look that is truly unique. The website we created is bright and clean, with a minimal color pallet and innovative menu functionality. They were impressed with our work, specifically the fixed-scale homepage responsive to any screen size.

Website Apps

Custom applications allowed the staff at Blue Ridge Lighting to easily update their staff directory and their list of equipment manufacturers. Their staff can add custom posts in order to update their Line Card, resulting in streamlined productivity and current information for their customers.

BlueridgeLighting ApplicationDevelopment Image01