As a manufacturer’s representative of high-grade lighting equipment, Blue Ridge Lighting wanted us to design a website for them that would give their business a stylish a modern image. After extensive research, we created a plan for designing something for them that was not only cutting-edge, but went the extra step to be visually charming.

Content is at the heart of what makes American Concealed successful. We designed and developed a website for them that put its useful and engaging content front and center. Because they rely so heavily on traffic generated from large social media and email audiences, our design team made big images and headlines one of the website’s main features.

The conversion and marketing elements of the website are easy to see. Visitors are drawn from the content they read to the commerce sections of the website seamlessly. The design is built to bring readers to purchase pages, helping the get their safety training and branded gear with only a few clicks.

American Concealed asked for a way to allow users to create their own unique profiles, giving everyone a chance to manage their content to their own specifications. We built a user sign-in and dashboard where every customer can see what they’ve purchased and go back to their videos as many times as they need.

Custom applications allowed the staff at Blue Ridge Lighting to easily update their staff directory and their list of equipment manufacturers. Their staff can add custom posts in order to update their Line Card, resulting in streamlined productivity and current information for their customers.

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